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Our challenge to rebuild the AHADEPA primary school still goes on. During the past few years, we have participated in a number of events in order to raise the much-needed funds that will enable us to build a school with excellent standards and proper facilities that will provide the children with the right environment to start their education and evolve into capable young adults.

However, we are far from achieving the goal set. The latest estimates indicate that we would need to raise around 200,000 USD (around GBP 130,000, http://www.xe.com/ucc/) in order to build a school with six classrooms, bathroom facilities, a library and a cafeteria . We are striving to reach our set goal and give these children, at the bare minimum, a basic education and help them become an asset not only in their homeland, but also throughout the world.

We also aim to celebrate our rich culture and unique history throughout the UK, especially in London where the cultural diversity is second-to-none. We are proud to be the first black republic, once the richest colony in the West Indies and we will not hesitate to share what makes Haiti so exceptional.