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In January 2010 when the Earthquake hit Haiti it caused a panic of shock and devastation. UHUK immobilized quickly becoming the outlet here in the United Kingdom for individuals and local and national media. The public was keen to assist Haiti and we were humbled to see how many individuals, companies and organizations rose to the challenge.

People were anxious to donate goods so we quickly agreed to organize a 40ft container to head to Haiti. People were very generous with their time and tangible gifts and we had many volunteers assist us as we sorted, loaded and shipped one 20foot and four 40foot containers to Haiti. The charity Hearts to Africa allowed us to use their space to sort the donated items and Big Yellow Storage and Access Storage generously provided free and discounted storage space.

It was a big undertaking for our small charity and there were many logistical challenges we had to overcome but we were so pleased to see the smiles on the children’s faces as items were handed out to them, their families and the wider community.

A heartfelt MESI ANPIL to all those who donated their time, finances and tangible goods.