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Please help us to make a positive change in the lives of Haitian children.
UHUK strongly believes that we have a commitment to our donors to not only use their donations as efficiently and effectively as possible but also to keep their information confidential. Except as required by law, we will not share our donors information with any other entities other than for the purposes of processing the donation.


On Tuesday 04 October 2016, Hurricane Matthew, category 4, hit Haiti.  Haiti has not been hit by such a powerful storm since 1954. At this level, the hurricane brings heavy rain, wind and flooding. The death toll is over 800 but this number is rising. The worst hit area is the South of the country.  Some of the roads or bridges have been destroyed which makes it difficult to reach certain areas.  Crops have been destroyed. 

AHADEPA, the school we are supporting, has been hit, like many others, the school is closed at the moment as the rain and flooding is making it impossible to operate.

We are making arrangements with storage units to collect tangible donations, once the areas in need are being assessed.

We are raising funds for long-term recovery which is why your financial donation will go towards the sustainability of local communities.

I would also add that UHUK is working in partnership with other Haitian organizations Boukman Services Ltd. www.boukmanservices.com to support Haiti.

There are also several initiatives that the Haitian community are involved in:



You can also add further information can be obtained from 

The Haitian Embassy of the Republic  https://www.facebook.com/embassyofhaitilondon/?fref=ts

The Chamber of Commerce  http://www.haitianchambergb.com/

Thank you for your support.