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L’Ahadepa School has been operating since 11th September 2006 and currently has 169 students. Headteacher Ricot Osias has been dedicated to the school from the start and is eager to help in the development of his community, where too many children are unable to attend school and achieve any kind of formal education because their parents do not have the means to provide for them.

L’Ahadepa school is a non-government community funded school which UHUK began supporting in 2009.

We have sponsored children to attend the school, purchased equipment for the school and supplemented teachers’ salaries. The Earthquake in January 2010 destroyed the church building where the school met and the children were left without a place to study.

We are currently renting a plot of land since 2012 for the children to have class. These classes are still being held under a tent and a shed.
At present, there are 10 teachers and 169 pupils, most are rest-avek (children working as domestic workers or handyman for a family). Children are taught from 8.00am to 1.00pm. Additionally, they have physical education every Thursday from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

We are pleased to announce that we finalised the purchase of a piece of land where we aim to build a 21st century school with proper sanitary facilities, canteen and appropriate classrooms.

UHUK (United Haitians in the UK) are launching several initiatives to fundraise for a new school in Haiti this year 2016. Among those are a photography exhibition, a photo book and a crowdfunding campaign.

Discover the story of a community in Carrefour Haiti trying to alleviate life difculties through education and an incredible amount of determination. Follow the AHADEPA school director, a teacher and a couple of pupils during their daily routines. Uncover what it takes to provide education against all odds with the chronological story of how the school came about. Explore the current teaching and living conditions while sharing with us the dream of creating real opportunities for young Haitians full of potential.