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After 8 long years of hard work since the devastating earthquake of 2010 which destroyed the Ahadepa school, the United Haitians in the United Kingdom (UHUK) is pleased to inform you that we have started the construction of the new Ahadepa School this summer.

Despite the constant challenge to overcome scarce resources and difficult choices, from the land purchase to the present construction, we have now nearly realised our vision for the students and teachers of Ahadepa School.

While children and teachers of the Ahadepa School have been willing to endure extreme challenges to ensure this generation has the necessary education to have a brighter future, we personally feel it is our responsibility to assist them as they become empowered.

This is where your support is so essential. We need you to assist UHUK in completing the building of the Ahadepa School that will provide a safe, nurturing learning environment for these underprivileged children many of whom are Restavek (child domestics).

In order to complete the construction of the school and to furnish it with basic and necessary equipment we need to raise additional funds. We estimate that we will need a further $4000 (approximately £3000) for the school to be ready for September.

Please help us to achieve

a dream for these children by completing and equipping their school in time for the new academic year in mid-September.

Thank you for your continued support.

L’ Ahadepa School Project





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