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UHUK season’s greetings newsletter


Dear Friends and members,



Review of 2017:


2017 has been, once more, a year rich of events. We kicked off the year with our annual AGM, and then continued with Flag Day on Saturday 13th of May in Holborn, London. We gathered around 200 people. It was a successful family-friend event. The audience had the opportunity to sample Haitian cuisine, music, arts and crafts. The diversity of the artists made it a memorable event.


Then, we took part in various events such as a summer BBQ, Kreyol Day and the 3rd European Diaspora dinner.


Furthermore, friends of Haiti organised events on our behalf such as:

  • Ashley Cooper who did a bungee jumping during the summer

  • Cyndi Hanson Ellesse for putting up the ‘’Action for Haiti’’ event at the Ritzy end of 2016
  • Seven Kings School where the students organised a charity events following Hurricane Matthew at the end of 2016


Besides helping the victims of Hurricane Matthew, we have been able to send 50 fabric bags with school materials that South Downs College in Waterlooville has kindly donated.

Christmas celebrations:


In Haiti, like in many countries, Christmas is an important celebration, whether you are poor or rich. Of course, the scale of the celebration is tempered according to people’s means. Giving that around 85% of Haitians are Christians and they believe that Jesus was born around that time of the year, Christmas is indeed a major event. It is also a strong sign of hope for the poor that there will be better days.


As early as November, people can hear Christmas songs everywhere, in shops, on TV or radio.  This is also time for “spring cleaning”. Christmas decorations are getting ready.


Most families go to Church on December 24th for a midnight mass on their best outfit, often new for the children. Following the mass, families and friends usually gather together to celebrate and share.  These all night parties are known as Reveyon (Christmas’ eve).


On the morning of the 25th, children go from door to door to get some presents. It could be anything from sweet to few pennies.


This time of the year is a joyful one for many who hope for a brighter tomorrow.


We, at UHUK would like to like to take this opportunity to thank our donors, supporters and friends of Haiti without whom our work would not be possible. Jwaye Nowèl tout zanmi nou yo!


We greatly appreciate your support and wish that the magic of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year.


Please help us, help them!


If you would like to know more about us and our work or become volunteer, we’ll be happy to hear from you.


We thank you for your continued support.


Please feel free to forward the newsletter to your friends and family.


United Haitians in United Kingdom

P.O. Box 64124 London N15 9BD

UK Registered Charity number 1133997

Email: info@uhuk.org









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