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Here is a video showing the pupils of the Ahadepa school in Haiti telling us how they perceive flag day. Most of them say that the Haitian flag represents “pride”, “strength”, “soul of the country” and a “symbol for freedom”.

You will also be able to assess the precarious state of the school which is pretty much a set of tents.
UHUK began supporting the school in 2009 and helped with school fees, uniforms and supplies after the earthquake.

We are pleased to announce that we finalised the purchase of a piece of land where we aim to build a 21st century school with proper sanitary facilities, canteen and appropriate classrooms.

Help us help them by building the new school: http://uhuk.org/donate

UHUK Flag Day 2015 – Ahadepa School pupils from UHUK (United Haitians in the UK) on Vimeo.

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