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We are a growing community of Haitians, Haitian descendants, partners of Haitians and friends of Haiti, living in United Kingdom. We primarily reside in London but some of us hail from other parts of the UK, such as Southampton, Oxford, Manchester, and Birmingham. Most of us were born in Haiti and, although we moved abroad at a young age, we continue to identify ourselves as Haitians and feel a strong connection with our country and our culture.

Haiti was once called the ‘richest colony of the New World’ but today she is consistently referred to as ‘the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere’.

Whilst it is clearly evident that extreme poverty has been ravaging Haiti throughout her history, we also know for a fact that the country has vast mineral wealth to which her people simply have no access, for various reasons.

Nevertheless, as members of the UK Haitian community, we have decided to address some of our country’s needs by creating the charity, UHUK (United Haitians in the United Kingdom), in November 2008. UHUK’s members are all volunteers. We use all funds received from various events, sponsors and donations responsibly, meeting regularly in order to find innovative ways to finance our projects.